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Fire – Smoke – Soot Damage Clean-up & Restoration:

Every year, dozens of homes and business are damaged by fire, smoke or water. Whether the damage is a result of a grease fire, fireplace left unattended, heater too close to a curtain or other reason, the damage to personal property can be devastating.

Premier is experienced in handling fire, smoke or soot damage and restoring your home or business quickly and efficiently. Premier’s technicians can help you board-up windows and doors, extract the water left behind by the fire department, remove damaged appliances and furniture, pack and store personal belongings, clean walls, floors and wood beams and other structural surfaces, as well as remove soot and smoke.


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Our Inspectors will assess damages, take photos, measure damaged surfaces and create detailed estimates for your insurance company taking the stress off your shoulders. We will track all the work and keep you updated so you’re not wondering what’s going on.

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