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Basements can be the location of some of the life’s best moments. Slumber parties and movie nights, book clubs and sports games, holiday celebrations and a quiet night at home, the possibilities are endless. If you have an unfinished basement – or a finished one that needs an upgrade – Premier Restoration is the full-service contractor that can create big and small spaces that are customized to how you want to best use space.

Basement renovation services

These days you are very, very busy, not leaving much time for family. But what if you had a great space in your Chicago home where you could spend time hanging out, watching movies, or creating DIY or home improvement projects? Basements are a great space to convert into a fun place to spend time with each other whether it is a family room or entertainment center. Our basement remodeling services include:

  • Basement Walls: Adding and removing, painting and texture
  • Entertainment: installation and electric
  • Flood Damage: repairing damage caused by water due to weather or leakage
  • Basement Ceilings: painting and texture
  • Basement Bathrooms: includes all tiling, installation, and plumbing
  • Tiling: flooring or bars
  • Basement Flooring: including all kinds of tiling and hardwood
  • Basement Lighting: installation and electric
  • Layout: we look at your current basement, ask you about current functionality and propose a layout that will suit your style, wallet, and daily life
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